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Giornata del Dipartimento di Biotecnologie e Bioscienze – UNIMIB
Dicembre 2, 2016, aula U4-8


  • 08.45 – Registration and welcome coffee
  • 09.15 – Welcome:
    Luca De Gioia, Direttore del Dipartimento di Biotecnologie e Bioscienze
  • Chairs: Francesca Martani and Andrea Galimberti
  • 09.30 – Invited speaker
    Verena Siewers, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.
    “Synthetic biology tools in yeast metabolic engineering” (abstract)
  • 10.20 – Stefania Brocca, BtBs – macroarea: Industrial and Synthetic Biotechnology
    “Proteins on the verge of a structural breakdown” (abstract)
  • 10.40 – Coffee break and poster session
  • 11.30 – Maria Pia Longhese, BtBs – macroarea: Genetic and molecular mechanisms in cellular biology and pathology: implications for human disease
    “Conditional synthetic lethality in cancer treatment” (abstract)
  • 11.50 – Cristina Airoldi, BtBs – macroarea: Systems Biology
    “NMR spectroscopy in molecular recognition and metabolomics studies: a versatile tool for Systems Biology and bio-molecular system characterization” (abstract)
  • 12.10 – Marcella Rocchetti, BtBs – macroarea: Target identification and drug development
    “Cardiac cell physiology: from animal to human models toward precision medicine” (abstract)
  • 12.30 – Lunch and poster session
  • Chairs: Antonia Bruno and Carlotta Ronchi
  • 14.00 – Invited speaker
    Roberto Burioni, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, autore del libro “Il vaccino non è un’opinione”
    “I vaccini: la scienza e le bugie”
  • 14.50 – Rita Grandori, BtBs – macroarea: Nanobiotechnologies for preclinical studies
    “A structural point of view in nanobiotechnologies” (abstract)
  • 15.10 – Eleonora Torre, BtBs
    “Arrhythmogenic mechanisms of long-QT syndrome CALM1-F142L mutation in patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell-derived
    cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CM)”
  • 15.20 – Chiara Magoni, BtBs
    “Coffee pulp waste as a source of antioxidants: a new opportunity for developing countries economy” (abstract)
  • 15.30 – Marzia Di Filippo, BtBs
    “A Systems Biology strategy to tackle cancer cell metabolism”
  • 15.40 – Poster prize and closing words
  • 16.00 Aperitif
  • Invited speaker:

    Verena Siewers is a project leader in the division of Systems and Synthetic Biology at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering.
    Her main research interest is the application of yeast as a cell factory for sustainable production of a variety of chemicals as well as advanced biofuels. This also includes the development of synthetic biology tools to improve the construction of efficient yeast strains.
    Verena Siewers is furthermore involved in the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability and the FORMAS Center for Metabolic Engineering.

    Roberto Burioni, Professore ordinario Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele.
    Autore del libro “Il vaccino non è un’opinione”
    Immunologo al San Raffaele di Milano, con la sua campagna iniziata quasi per caso ha raggiunto in pochi mesi i 26mila follower. Nei suoi post dà consigli alle mamme e risponde agli attacchi dei contestatori. La Repubblica (17/04/2016)

    English is the official language of the BtBsDay2016 Conference

    Abstracts Index

    1 Poster session: Nanobiotechnologies for preclinical studies
    2 Poster session: Industrial and Synthetic Biotechnology
    3 Poster session: Systems Biology
    4 Poster session: Genetic and molecular mechanisms in cellular biology and pathology: implications for human disease
    5 Poster session: Biodiversity, marine science, and food research
    6 Poster session: Target identification and drug development
    7 Oral presentations
    8 Other activities

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